Third Time Lucky

As of October 2013 there has been a little space on the internet called "" however over the past 3 years I haven't used it to its full potential. I started this blog in 2013, I wanted to show people my creativity and my true interests and have a tiny following to interact with. But I gave up, simple as that. 

Then in 2015 I got back into it, for a short space of time I loved it, I was so proud of myself and blogging was a new exciting thing for me...BUT fast forwards 2 months and I was suffering from bloggers block. Every blog I turned to I was blinded by the same content; monthly favourites, makeup of the day posts and reviews after reviews after reviews. I WAS BORED. Without realising my blog was slowly being pulled down the same route. I wasn't being creative or expressing my interests I was just merging in with all of the other thousands of bloggers out there. I would look for blog post ideas and there was pages and pages of exactly the same thing!! It got to the point where I would blog about something just for the sake of being able to put content out there. And thats not what I wanted; so again, I stopped.

Today is Monday September 12th, and today I have returned to my tiny little blog to continue what I came here for. I want to show my creative side, talk about things that interest me, provide content that is valuable to my readers and most importantly do something that I love, for me. 

Don't get me wrong I don't hate the "Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle" side to blogging, those are my BIGGEST interests but I don't want to be "hidden" in this niche. I want to put my own spin on it, be original and show my creative side. 

So today I have made the first step to making these dreams a reality. If you are reading this right now then you should know that I have deleted all of my previous content, I don't want to see a constant reminder of uninspiring posts. I have changed the layout and graphic design of my blog and I have updated all "About me" pages etc. to suit the "me" today. The me today that is ready to do something that makes her happy. The me today that is now 18 years old. And the me today that is feeling the most inspired she ever did feel. 

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